Trip Report: Backcountry skiing in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains

Trip Report

Location: Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Timeframe: 4 days

Objective: Connect with old and new friends while getting RAD in the mountains.


Backcountry hut trips are ephemeral experiences which bring groups of friends together to share a simplified version of mountain living.

Eat, Ski, Repeat... Become the group's only marching orders.

Fully experiencing each moment, whether it be sharing a laugh with a new friend or recognizing the beauty of breathing in crisp mountain air, becomes the primary tasks of backcountry hut life.

Fueling the fire with wood and replenishing our bodies with food are of primary importance.

The simplicity, and the people which these trips unite are what make backcountry hut trips so special.

Finding a crew with aligned and aligned mission and purpose helps us define our place within our 'tribe'.

Here's to more days of simplicity, laughter and living with intent.

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