Bolivia: Cities and Mountains along the Spine of the Andes

We travel to explore, experience, understand, and connect. Traveling in Bolivia with Claire provided ample opportunity for us to focus on our own connection within the larger scope of the global community. We explored the incredible landscape that makes up the greater Amazon River Basin and the Andes. We were lucky to experience an amazingly vibrant culture. We gained understanding of the Bolivian culture and the vast dichotomy which exists between our western lifestyle and the lifestyle of real Bolivianos. We connected with locals and fellow travelers alike through the #instantportraitproject, playing futbol on the streets, and impromptu conversations with strangers. Traveling through Bolivia with a camera was overwhelming at times. Day-in and day-out I was visually bombarded by the landscape and the vibrant colors and destructive traits of the people of the Andes. I was also challenged to not shoot photos without the subject's consent due to a cultural belief that the camera takes more than photos from the subject. I will share a select few photos from our journey, and selfishly keep others from public display.


Arrive in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Travel to Samaipata via bus

2 days Trekking in the Amazon Basin/ Andes transition zone

Travel to La Paz via bus/ air combo

3 days Trekking in the Cordillera Real

Overland travel to Lake Titicaca

2 days trekking on Isla Del Sol