Dear Community: A Personal Manifesto

Dear community,

This is a Personal Manifesto. 

Here’s the deal: For us, 2016 was a year of vast dichotomy... 

We experienced the joys of freedom, good health, prosperity, and privilege in our personal lives. And, we witnessed the pain and suffering caused by ongoing war, greed, hate, and violence across the globe and within the confines of our local community, too.

We are struggling to make sense of the contrast between the security we find in our personal lives and the vast injustice and hate we witness within our local and global communities. This is nothing new or profound, it is simply our turn to engage rather than ignore.

We are seeking balance. We want to live full lives. We want to climb mountains, and to ski. We want to make art, too. We want to do all of these things- to live the life we love- without being so self centered as to ignore what is happening next door and around the corner. 

That is why, in 2017, we commit to:

  • Showing up for our community 
  • Speaking out against hate, greed, and injustice
  • Supporting the people and organizations whose work promotes peace  
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Continuing our personal journey towards knowing compassion, peace, and love
  • Making space for dialogue, 
  • Practicing self-care and seeking out our passions 
  • Engaging in meaningful work 

So, this is where you come in: hold us accountable. Ask what we’ve been doing to achieve what we have committed to here. Check-in with us about the projects we are engaging in. Find out how we are spending our time. Challenge us to dig deeper and to engage. 

Please support us as we seek solidarity with our neighbors - near and far. Please Encourage us to seek balance between personal and communal success.

With love and compassion,

Burket & Claire